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Comedian Marc Maron is tackling the most complex philosophical question of our day - WTF? He'll get to the bottom of it with help from comedian friends, celebrity guests and the voices in his own head.
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Oct 9, 2017

It just so happens that Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges are both in new movies at the same time (Only the Brave and The Mountain Between Us, respectively). So it's as good a time as any to have the two brothers in the garage for separate chats. First, Beau tells Marc about being the big brother, taking a First Amendment stand, and staying busy in fickle Hollywood. Then Jeff talks about the music he makes, the path to enlightenment, and the transcendence of The Dude. This episode is sponsored by Sonos and

  • over four months ago
    Wiiiiiiild, man, right?!?! Listening to Beau and Jeff (I do a fantastic sleeping tapes impersonation of Jeff btw) riff with you was like camping under a harvest moon at the beach and not caring that you can’t play an instrument while the rest of the circle jams. Your podcasts are so inviting, it’s sometimes dangerous. I mean, now I’m thinking I’m gonna call uncle Jeff next time I camp at carpenteria when I have my bongos and see if he’ll come down and hang. The human connections you establish and develop with your guests and your audience are so strong. We’re all connected, man! (To be heard in uncle Jeff’s voice of course)
  • over four months ago
    Tim Hall
    Hi Mark, I love your show and you’ve helped me through some tough times the last four years. Thank You! I’m just an old 65 year old country fuck from Kentucky, I was brought to tears when Jeff Bridges sang the song at the end of your interview! That was beautiful, where can I find that? I only want to hear him sing it, and you guys play it. Damn, I was so touched!
    Mark, GREAT interview with both brothers, they’re both such real people. Thanks!
  • over four months ago
    @Rachel. Google search brings back Jason Reeves - I’ll Never Leave You Again.

    Great show Marc!
  • over four months ago
    Rachel Leishman
    Please tell me the name of that song at the end with Bridges. It’s so good.
  • over four months ago
    Russell Thomson
    HelloI I like your podcastI am a Northwest resident I sawThem shoot trouble in mind in Seattle!The buildings still exist in downtown